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almost 5 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

7 Signs You Deserve a Promotion

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Promotions can make people nervous. We wait for them, dream of them, and then when they finally arrive you have a fleeting moment of self-doubt – before you quickly brush it off and take control.

But how do you really know you deserve one in the first place? No one would admit to being a lazy employee; we should all strive to go above and beyond what’s expected, yet sometimes that gets forgotten or worse, it gets ignored.

Powwownow have collected seven signs that you are deserving of a pay rise and have listed them below. 

  1. You’re helping to mentor other employees
  2. You’re taking ownership of all your work – even if it means admitting you’ve made a mistake
  3. You’re adept at solving company problems independently and with confidence
  4. Other managers, aside from your own, have noticed how well you’re doing
  5. You have talents you want to upskill and explore, but your current role doesn’t allow for it
  6. You feel uninspired and bored at your current level
  7. You’re actively looking for another role in order to excel and challenge yourself
Source: Business Grapevine