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over 7 years ago by Eavanne Allen

How To Use Your LinkedIn To Get Your Dream Job


1. Treat It Like More Than A Paper Résumé

Last year, the words 'responsible', followed by 'strategic' and 'effective' topped LinkedIn’s annual list of most overused words in UK members’ profiles. Remember that your LinkedIn profile can do much more than a paper CV, so avoid the clichés and get creative. 'Instead of just using generic words, you can now improve the quality of your professional credentials using LinkedIn's dynamic extra features,' explains LinkedIn Communications Manager Darain Faraz. 'For example, you can add previous work, videos or presentations to your LinkedIn profile that demonstrate your work capacity. And it's far more powerful than just saying it.'

2. Hand Pick The Right Skills

Be specific about the skills you have that make you good at your job. Your connections can now endorse these skills (proving to a reader that you are trustworthy) and previous employers can also reference them in recommendations that they give on your profile (reinforcing your suitability for, and deservedness of, a role). 'Seventy six of the FTSE 100 use LinkedIn's Talent Solutions teams to find top individuals. If you don't include the skills you have on your personal résumé, then you might fail to show up in a search, when other professionals are looking for an expert just like you.'

3. Build Your Network

It’s an unwritten rule that 50 is the minimum number of contacts needed for a successful LinkedIn profile, though the more connections you're able to build the more you will start to show up in sidebars and searches. Family, friends, colleagues and peers are all valuable connections, but don't just send out a cold call to your inbox, it won't make you many friends. 'When requesting to connect, keep it personal instead of the standard message LinkedIn can send – it helps forge a relationship,' says Darain.

This article was written by Becky Freeth, to read the full article with ten top ways to make your LinkedIn profile sing here.