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about 9 years ago by James Bell

The Office Look: Summer Work Shirts


As the weather is slowly getting warmer, for those of us who don’t have the luxury of an air-conditioned building, the office can turn into a sauna. Let’s take a look at how your choice of shirt can keep you cool on hot summer days. 

  • Fabric: 100% cotton shirts will keep you the coolest. Cheaper polyester and nylon mixes have their place in that they’re easier to iron and maintain, but in the Summer the synthetic materials will trap heat.
  • Size: If you are buying a couple of shirts specifically for Summer use, try getting a more generous fitting shirt. If you normally buy the slim fit, get regular or perhaps go up half an inch on the collar size. The looser fit will keep you cooler and prevent the shirt from sticking and causing sweat patches.
  • Undershirt: A 100% cotton, short sleeve cotton tshirt under your shirt will also help with sweat patches. The cotton will absorb the perspiration, before it reaches your shirt, helping it to evaporate faster.
  • Colour: Lighter colours are best, because the lighters shades don’t attract as much of the sun. Stick to pastels or classic white.
  • Tie: A tricky on one to navigate. Depending on how strictly your company dress code is enforced, you may be able to go open collar on warmer Summer days. If you must stick to wearing a tie, a slightly larger collar size will help.
  • Sleeve: Grab the short sleeve! Pay less and get an awesome white van man tan if you drive to work!

Use this grid when picking out your next shirt.




Although 100% cotton is the way to go when picking the material, the weave of the fabric is also important. From left to right on the grid, we have poplin, pinpoint and end-to-end weaves. Poplin is the lightest shirt weave, so a great choice for summer; pinpoint weave shirts are similar to oxford weaves, but finer and more breathable; and the end-to-end shirts feel as soft and crisp as poplins. Learn more about all different shirt weaves here





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