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10 Worst Excuses for Not Attending an Interview

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I'm sure we would all like to avoid interviews if we could, but most of us realize it is an ...

I'm sure we would all like to avoid interviews if we could, but most of us realize it is an important part of the recruitment process and therefore grin and bear it. There are a few, however, who take avoiding interviews to another level. Undercover Recruiter reveals 10 of the funniest, worst, and saddest excuses given as to why a person had to cancel their interview appointment:
  1. "I am on a very strict, harsh diet and not allowed to eat many foods, therefore my brain is not functioning at its best and not a good time."

  2. "I am trying to be a writer and just have to keep working at finishing my manuscript with no other distractions."

  3. "I just am not feeling too clever today."

  4. "I have misplaced, lost or forgotten to go to the cleaners, and therefore have nothing decent to wear."

  5. "I meditated and prayed last night; God (or Jesus) said it was not a good time for an interview."

  6. "I am sorry, but I have had a change of heart."

  7. (Calling collect to the interview office from the county jail) "I am in jail and can’t make it."

  8. "I had a car accident on the way in to have our interview; I may have to go to the emergency room, but wanted to call you right away."

  9. "My wife/husband/domestic partner just won the lottery! I won’t need to work after all."

  10. "I can’t make it due to a family emergency." The exact reason is left to the imagination; could be the hamster got out of the cage or great Aunt Tilda died.

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Source: Undercover Recruiter