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Recruitment Technology at the Cutting Edge

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The Evolution of the Recruitment Industry and Vendor Management Solutions20 years ago if som...

The Evolution of the Recruitment Industry and Vendor Management Solutions

20 years ago if someone had told you that 1 in 7 of the entire population would have an online social media account, most wouldn’t have believed it. 11 years ago, about the same time Facebook was being created there were still agencies using candidate files in a box and a rolodex listing potential clients. It was all about finding the best workers and calling clients to spec their CV in to try to secure an available position, a fax confirmed your rates and terms of business. Although the basic principle is still the same today, the recruitment industry has evolved; using cutting edge technology to deliver Vendor Management Solutions, similar to how Facebook used technology to evolve from a college network to over 1 billion users worldwide.

Facebook may have brought together social circles and LinkedIn, a platform for business networking, but VMS has brought clients even closer to an extensive marketplace, offering online managed solutions to their preferred supplier list.

VMS offers clients their own online portal managed by MTEC, which gives them a platform to raise temporary or permanent vacancies. These can be tracked, authorised through hierarchy, include detailed job descriptions and show contractual payment terms for authorised suppliers. Detailed MI can be provided in order to performance benchmark and review supply chain and allow the best candidates from a number of agencies to be submitted within a controlled online environment. It also offers consolidated online timesheets and document storage for compliance. VMS has helped bridge the gap between clients and agencies by creating a fair marketplace and stopping unethical suppliers providing poor service. All recruitment spend is fixed under one contract, a single invoice and clear governance.

MTEC is currently leading the way in Vendor Management Solutions and is helping multinational companies move forward using 21st-century technology.