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Looking for the Right Job or Any Job?

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This might seem like a loaded question: the immediately obvious answer to this is the Right ...

This might seem like a loaded question: the immediately obvious answer to this is the Right Job, of course it is. Everyone wants to have the perfect job that they’re happy in, has excellent career prospects, and a generous salary wouldn’t go amiss either. Realistically though, considering the economic climate, not everyone can have the perfect job, and I’m going to argue the case here for Any Job.
Money Money Money Money – Money!

Work to live, don’t live to work: that old chestnut. Basically, your job and income should be fuelling the life you lead outside of work; it’s about having the perfect life, not the perfect career. Any full-time job with an average wage can fulfill this. I’ve known plenty of careerists who reach a point in their life when they realize that having enough money is more important than having loads of money and they would rather spend time with their family than cold hard cash.

Any Job can pay the bills and put extra cash in your pocket. While jobs are scarce, consider taking Any Job and worry about the Right Job later.

Keeping Busy

One of the worst things about being unemployed is the sheer mind-numbing boredom. Sure for a week or two it’s pretty fun ignoring the laws of time, having breakfast at 12 and watching films till sunrise, but eventually you’ll complete every box-set marathon going, repeats of Friends just don’t do it anymore* and you’ll miss simple interaction with other people.

Any Job can provide direction and give a person meaning when they’re down about being unemployed. If all your friends have jobs, then you’ll find that you don’t see many people till the weekend. Any Job will have just as many new friends to make as the Right Job.

Life is what Happens to you…

…when you’re busy making other plans. I know it’s cheesy, but sometimes you can be so blinkered by getting the Right Job, you completely discount every other job. Plenty of people at 40 describe their introduction to their career as “having fallen into it”. Sometimes you take a Summer job, you love it, you climb the ladder and in 20 years you’ll be a manager telling a new employee how you “fell into” the Doll House business.

Any Job has the potential to be the Right Job; if you work hard and be enthused you never know where a new career might come from. It might not be that you stay with the same company, but the skills that you learn from Any Job can take you anywhere.

The Cons

Not everyone will be happy to do Any Job for all their working lives and short of having money concerns, sometimes there aren’t any incentives to take Any Job. Plus the biggest drawback of having Any Job is finding the time to find the Right Job when you have other work commitments. You’ll be unavailable to job hunt or attend interviews. However, employers always look favorably on someone in employment, and it’s much easier to find a job when you have a job.

In short, Any Job can become the Right Job or can put you on the path to the Right Job by learning new and transferable skills and being open-minded to other careers.

Reasons people choose Any Job:
  • Christmas money
  • A stop-gap
  • To gain experience
  • To go from temporary to permanent work
  • To broaden skill sets

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*I lied. Friends is the single greatest show ever. I could watch it from Season 1 Episode 1 to Season 10 Episode 18, enjoy every moment, and then watch it all over again.

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