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Diary of a New Starter: Sophie Rooney

5 minutes

Welcome to Meridian Business SupportWell, what a week it’s been! I’m Sophie and I am delight...

Welcome to Meridian Business Support

Well, what a week it’s been! I’m Sophie and I am delighted to have been welcomed with open arms into the team at Meridian Business Support. I am already thrilled to be here as Content Marketing Executive within the Marketing Team.

Having only graduated from Liverpool Hope University in 2019, I am still very new to the working world in my eyes, with a couple of ‘grown-up’ jobs under my belt up to now. However, starting at Meridian has opened my eyes to a brand-new sector that I am super excited to learn more about.

Meridian Business Support is one of the largest privately-owned, multi-sector recruitment companies in the UK, celebrating 30 successful years in the recruitment industry, with an extensive network of branches providing over 4,000 temporary staff on a weekly basis and placing over 1200 permanent candidates each year and around 210 in-house staff.

First Impressions

This week I was introduced to a small number of the team based at head office in Manchester – due to the sheer delight of Covid restrictions, sadly not many of us are in at the moment – however, the team that I have met so far have been super welcoming and I am so thrilled to be working alongside such a positive group of people - very much matching my loud, chatty personality (and ability to get a conversation out of a brick wall!)

Meridian has a structure of induction sessions in place for all new employees. I joined the ‘Welcome to Meridian’ session, which involved an introduction from all the new staff, including myself and 11 new members of the branches from across the UK, all the way up to Meridian Business Support CEO, Derek Skelton & Head of Learning and Development, Jamie Abbott. Just getting the hear the genuine enthusiasm coming from the long-standing members of staff and new members was so inspiring to be a part of. Meridian very much keeps their staff at the heart of the business and in doing so, retains staff for great lengths of time, as I have seen with people receiving their Long Service Awards - very telling of how much people love working at Meridian! It only takes a scroll through the company Instagram, Meridian Life, to show you the support shown to the staff and from the staff in raising money for charity, the celebration of key events in the lives of staff members and the great fun that the team at Meridian Business Support across the UK get to enjoy. All this fun, while working hard and providing staff to companies across the UK in need of roles filling in industrial, health, office & professional, and so many more roles.

Getting to Know the Business

Our second session involved a much more detailed introduction to Meridian’s products and services with so many positive notes to pick up on about how the company runs across each of its sectors and how each individual team works to fill the job roles for our clients. With the recruitment sector being worth around £42.3bn, getting the best staff for our clients is key, with over 85 nationalities currently represented within Meridian's external staff, but finding internal staff who work well together and enjoy their jobs is also a key aim for Meridian.

Exciting Future

My time here has only just begun, and I am SO excited for what the future brings for me here at Meridian Business Support. Now onto a few weeks of getting involved in the final planning for the annual MBS conference and another step up in my marketing career.


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