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5 ways to end every work day feeling happy

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How to Feel Happier at WorkHere is a great article from CV Library on how to feel happier at...

How to Feel Happier at Work

Here is a great article from CV Library on how to feel happier at work.

It’s normal to feel a bit fed up with working life every now and again. However, if the only part of the working day that you enjoy is going home, it’s a sign that something’s missing from your job or career.

We believe five key areas can influence your happiness at work. If one area isn’t quite right, it can have a domino effect on the rest on how happy you feel at the end of each working day. Below, we explain these five areas and why should focus on getting them right.

Enjoy what you do

When your working day is full of tasks you enjoy, it’s likely that you’ll end the day feeling happier and more fulfilled.

Even though you may work for the money, it’s probably not the money that makes you happy. Feeling fulfilled, using your best skills and doing work that feels meaningful to you is essential.

For example, if you’re a people person and you spend your day stuck in front of a computer screen in a quiet office, you may not end your day feeling fulfilled.

If your work leaves you feeling dissatisfied, stressed or under pressure, it could be that you need to consider working somewhere different.

Build positive relationships

You don’t have to be best mates with everyone in the office, but you do need to get on with your colleagues if you’re looking to enjoy your work. A tense office full of exhausted and stressed co-workers is a very different place to a relaxed, focused and goal-oriented environment.

Alongside this, consider the role that your boss plays. Are they actively helping you to progress in your career or are they simply focusing on getting more work out of you? Let’s face it, having a boss who works you to the bone or makes your life miserable is never going to make for a great day.

If you want to end your working day feeling happy, make sure you work with people that you respect and enjoy working with. This can help make your working environment an enjoyable place to be.

Feel rewarded

If your salary falls below your expectations and shows no signs of reaching them soon, it’s unlikely that you’ll end your working day feeling happy.

What’s more, if your money worries are preventing you from enjoying your time outside of work or preventing you from living the lifestyle you want, you’ll probably feel resentful and even less enamoured with your work.

If you want to leave work each day feeling happy and rewarded, it might be worth thinking about how you can achieve your salary goals. Just make sure you’re realistic!

Work fair hours

Long days, early starts, late finishes, or unsocial hours could affect how you feel about your job. If your working hours aren’t giving you your desired lifestyle, you’re unlikely to end your day feeling content with the time you’ve spent there.

By the same token, over-working and a poor work-life balance could play havoc with your health and wellbeing. You’ll simply burn out or risk damaging your mental health if you keep slogging away with working hours that wear you out.

If the hours you work are making it hard for you to live your life, you’re unlikely to be finishing your working day feeling happy. That means it’s time to make a change to ease your workplace stress.

Think about location

The location of your workplace is a huge factor in how you feel about your working day. For example, if your commute leaves you feeling wrung out and exhausted before you’ve even set foot in the office, it could be time to look for work opportunities closer to home.

However, being happy with where you work isn’t all about your commute. Sometimes it’s about where your workplace is located within a general area. For example, if you like to be able to do a bit of shopping, nip into a coffee shop or have lunch with your colleagues, working on an industrial estate that’s miles from anywhere isn’t going to cut it.

It’s the same with the office itself. If the building is old and shabby or the vibe is too dull or too hectic, it may not be a place you’ll enjoy going to every day.

Final thoughts

If you think being happy at work is a fantasy, think again. Many people enjoy their work and you can too. Go through this list and decide what needs to change so you can leave the office feeling happy and fulfilled after your workday.

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Source: CV Library