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4 ways to organise your workspace and be more productive

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1. De-clutter Your DeskClutter can significantly impact the way you work. It's easy to let y...

1. De-clutter Your Desk

Clutter can significantly impact the way you work. It's easy to let your desk become disorganized, especially when your workload increases. Research from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute has found that a cluttered working environment restricts your brain's ability to focus and process information. The clutter competes for your brain's attention, disorganizes your thoughts, and can cause frustration.

Minimize the number of items on your desk by investing in storage boxes, magazine folders, sticky labels, and stationary holders. Ensure that everything has a designated place on your desk. Reduce personal items to minimize distractions. Additionally, consider going digital to reduce paperwork, which is better for the environment and saves you time and space. Having a bin near your desk encourages you to dispose of unnecessary clutter.

2. Vary Your Working Area

Open-plan offices are a modern trend, but they can make employees up to one-third less productive than those working in private offices. While open-plan offices aim to increase communication and reduce isolation, they sometimes lack quiet spaces.

Vary your working areas for different tasks. For team meetings, suggest open and relaxed spaces. When you need to concentrate, find a quiet area away from distractions like keyboard typing and conversations. Striking a balance between open and enclosed spaces is essential in the 21st-century office.

3. Give Your Office Some Inspiration

Creating an innovative workspace is vital for attracting and retaining innovative employees. Researchers at the University of Exeter found that adding indoor plants to the office can significantly increase productivity. Listening to music can help complete tasks more quickly and generate better ideas, but ensure it complies with your workplace policy.

Proper lighting is crucial for an inspirational working environment. Natural light is ideal, but when unavailable, ensure you have bright, indirect light on your desk. LED light bulbs with at least 800 lumens facing upwards towards the ceiling are recommended.

4. Clean Up Your Desktop

Your digital desktop can be just as distracting as your physical desk. If you're constantly struggling to find files, emails, or closing pop-ups, it's time to declutter your digital desktop. Organize folders, delete old emails, sort bookmarks, and prepare for a less stressful 2018!

By following these tips, we hope your 2018 will be filled with productivity and inspiration. Remember, a few small changes can make a huge difference, so give these ideas a try or explore other productivity hacks.

Source: CV Library