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Meridian Merchandise

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You can now order Meridian Merchandise online! All you need to do is complete the form below and someone will be in touch to take payment:  


Description Cost 

Meridian Flip Flops in Teal and white with We love Meridian on  the bottoms

 £10.25 each

Meridian Luggage straps in blue with we love Meridian in  white  £4.80 each

Meridian Luggage Tags  £3.00 each

Meridian Plastic Water bottles  £3.35 each 

Meridian Charging Cable  £3.75 each 

Meridian Handbag Hook  £2.45 each 

Meridian A5 Notebook & Pen  £4.80 each 

Meridian Highlighter  £1.50 each 

Meridian Touch Screen Gloves  £7.75 each 

Meridian Bobble Hat £7.50 each 

Meridian Sport Socks  £4.50 each 

Meridian Scarf £8.30 each