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Relocating for Work

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People choose to relocate for work for many reasons; employer moving premises, a new job opportunity, lifestyle changes are all typical examples. Whilst they may be enticing, the prospect of moving for work can be very daunting and require a huge amount of consideration before you commit fully. 

Typically the reason behind relocating for work is career advancement. However in a difficult economic climate, many job seekers are prepared to look elsewhere for work having exhausted all options close to home. 

When contemplating relocating for work there are many things to consider, including:

  • Cost of living - will your outgoings dramatically increase/decrease in the considered location?
  • Housing - what is the mortgage or rental market like in the considered location? If you own your own home, will you need to sell it?
  • Schools - is the standard of education comparable to your children's current school? 
  • Quality of life - What will your new commute be like? A dramatic increase in commute may take time away from leisure or social activities that you enjoy.
  • Social life - will you cope leaving behind your friends and family?

Remember, relocating for work will be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your working life. Be realistic about what you would like to achieve and keep an open mind.