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Recruiting on LinkedIn

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As technology has advanced rapidly over the years, the number of avenues for hiring managers to use for their recruitment has dramatically increased. At Meridian, we ensure we explore all of these platforms so to best support our clients.

LinkedIn has long established itself as a top channel for recruitment, but clients can find the huge reach and social media elements daunting.  As a company, Meridian utilises LinkedIn as a platform for internal and external recruitment by sharing new roles on our main page, with our recruiters using LinkedIn Recruiter Pro to help in finding the best people to fit our team. It also plays a huge part in our employees’ personal brand strategy as we know that trust is higher in people than in companies themselves.

If you’re a hiring manager looking to use LinkedIn as part of our talent attraction strategy, we have put together a list of key points to consider.

  • Keep your business page up to date:

    • Share current events or news from the business.

    • Keep potential candidates and clients up to date with what’s available to them within the business.

    • Ensure all branding is correct.

    • Share job adverts per location where appropriate.

  • Join recruiter/job search groups:

    • Join regional groups to share roles each week and tailor them to specific places.

  • Employee testimonials and advocacy:

    • Hearing from current longstanding employees, having them write up testimonials on their time at Meridian and what has kept them here for such a long time. Even better, short and engaging employee testimonial videos have a higher engagement rate and are perceived as more authentic.

    • Have employees share relevant posts for a wider reach.

  • Keep an up-to-date CRM:

    • A clear and concise way to keep track of relevant job applications and contacts for future roles.

  • Ditch message templates:

    • Make it personal! Ensure your potential candidates are aware of how their experience with the company will be, by personalising messages regarding applications.

  • Stay engaged!

    • Don’t miss out on what could be a perfect candidate by being passive. Follow up all relevant applications and conversations with potential candidates.

Many factors contribute towards a successful process of recruitment and utilising various platforms to find the correct candidates is key. LinkedIn is a platform built on professionalism, and finding the right people can be helped by viewing their profile and seeing more of the candidates' previous roles, business capabilities and skills, other than just what is on their CV.

If you would like to know how Meridian can support your business with your recruitment needs, reach out today.