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about 7 years ago by Debbie Lee

CV Lies Revealed

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The cost implications of a bad hire is estimated to be around £4000 according to the CIPD and for a senior manager role, these figures rise to £10,000 so employers are under increasing pressure to improve their processes during the hiring process. Employers elevate their internal processes by holding panel interviews, selection days and varying types of tests such as skills and psychometric but technology plays a huge part in this selection process and with the launch of Google’s Docs tool, it could expose lies in a candidate CV it is claimed.

For employers, the Google Docs’ update Draftback reveals the edit trail of any document and is available for potential employers to view, however, applicants do have the option to hide the revision timeline before publishing the document.

Draftback was not created for CV writing, but many employers are now requesting a CV and cover letter to be submitted through the Google Docs tool, making it easier for employers to uncover potential lies by applicants and reduce the cost burden of bad hires.

This technology is a clever tool but the author still has the control to hide their revisions so it is by no means a silver bullet.