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almost 8 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Jobs for School Leavers

Jobs For School Leavers

If you've left school you’re probably wondering what to do next. If you have been put off university by the ridiculous tuition fees then there are lots of options open to you, and some of them are actually excellent careers!

We take a look at what options are open to you...

1. Air traffic controller
Get a job as an air traffic controller and you could be banking a healthy salary of £80,000 or more per year. You’ll work with pilots, helping them take off and land their aircraft safely – and the safety of potentially thousands of passengers could be in                              


your hands each day.This is more than just directing traffic, you’ll need to be aware of changes in the weather and you’ll be expected to offer advice on the height, speed and course of planes under your control.

You won’t need a degree to become an air traffic controller, but you should have at least five GCSEs (A-C)/S grades (1-3), and have completed a period of higher education, which could mean a minimum of two A-levels or an advanced GNVQ. The only other requirement is that you’re between 18 and 30-years-old when you apply.

2. Games tester
You could get paid to play computer games if you have a knack for gaming and a passion for the industry. That’s it - no formal qualifications necessary. NONE!

It will be your job to play games over and over, keeping an eye out for bugs or mistakes that need to be rectified before the games reach the public. Your opinion on playability and what can be improved will be a vital part of the production process. You won’t make a million as a games tester, starting salaries are in the realm of £14,000-15,000, but you could go on to produce or even design games – a creative director can command a salary of up to £100,000.

3. Firefighter
You don’t need any A-levels or a degree to save lives. To get a job as a firefighter, personality and attitude are key. If you’re over 18 and you can show that you’re community-minded, work well in a team, that you’re resilient and cope well under pressure, you’re half way there.
You’ll need to pass a medical and eye examination and, most importantly, your levels of fitness will be assessed. But if you’re enthusiastic and strong, you could be saving lives and taking home a decent starting salary of around £20k, increasing to around £40k should you make it to station manager.

4. Police detective
With little or no qualifications, you could be solving serious crimes, from murder to fraud. To become a detective you first need to get a job in the police force where recruitment isn’t based on academic achievement. After completing a two-year probationary period you’ll be ready for the selection process.

OK, so it’s competitive but you’ll be rewarded with a starting salary of up to £25,000 per year, increasing to up to £50,000 for an experienced detective inspector.

5. Holiday rep
You could be jetting off to sunnier climes without a single qualification to your name. If you want to be a holiday rep it’s personality and experience handling customers that will bag you the job. You’ll get to live abroad, earn a living out of keeping people entertained, make loads of new friends and party hard with holiday-makers when you knock-off.

Although you won’t make much more than £500 a month, it’s likely to stretch further abroad and you can bump up your earnings making commission on selling trips.

Source: Total Jobs