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UK D&I job listings skyrocket by 106%

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The Importance of Diversity and InclusionNumerous studies and research papers have all point...

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

Numerous studies and research papers have all pointed to the business benefits of promoting a diverse and inclusive (D&I) workforce, with many suggesting that diverse teams can actually outperform their competitors.

This is a notion shared by Dessalen Wood, Chief People Officer at Thoughtexchange, who previously told HR Grapevine: “Studies have shown that racially diverse teams outperform their non-diverse counterparts by 35%.”

Not only that, it seems that employees actively want to work for employers who take diversity seriously.

This is supported by Glassdoor research which found that 67% of jobseekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities, and more than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity.

Increase in global searches for D&I roles

To help move the dial when it comes to D&I in the workplace, new data has revealed that the global searches for D&I roles have skyrocketed by 122%.

As companies aim to be more diverse, Instant Offices research has identified a global spike in searches for ‘diversity and inclusion manager’ over the last ten years.

Elsewhere, The CV Squad has shared that the number of CVs submitted to its CV review series that included ‘diversity and inclusion’ have increased by around 20% in the last 12 months.

This is a trend that has also been backed up by Glassdoor’s top hiring trends for 2020 – showing a greater focus on D&I jobs.

The anonymous job review site predicted that there will be a surge in hiring for leaders and managers who are able to drive greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Between August 2018 and August 2019, job posts for D&I roles also spiked. According to Glassdoor, this rose by 106% in the UK alone, while searches by jobseekers increased by 19%. Job roles including D&I directors, D&I programme managers, D&I consultants and diversity officers were among the most searched.

Yet, it’s not just employees and employers who are growing concerned over D&I, as research has indicated that consumers are beginning to make purchasing decisions based on personal beliefs and values more often.

For example, an Edelman report on brands and trust discovered that 69% of consumers want to support brands that express their values and are more likely to trust businesses that are more committed to supporting societal issues.

Four Key Tips to Promote Diversity and Inclusion
  1. When hiring, ensure you have a diverse pool of candidates to interview for new roles within the business.
  2. Encourage open communication when it comes to diversity in the workplace, and look for new ways to address D&I.
  3. Try to partner with other businesses that also champion D&I in the workplace.
  4. Develop a culture that is inclusive of everyone, where employees can feel safe and comfortable to discuss all matters relating to D&I.