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Top Tips on How to Write an Effective Job Description

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Writing an accurate job description is the first step in hiring the best candidate for your ...

Writing an accurate job description is the first step in hiring the best candidate for your role, as this is the initial reflection of the company that your potential candidate will see. Recruiting can be very competitive, so having a standout job description can help you to win the best candidate for your role. Writing an accurate and concise job description will help you to gain the best applicants and therefore find the best person for the role.
Here are some of the best tips to ensure a clear and concise job description for your job ads:
  1. Have a clear title that directly describes the role, don’t make it ambiguous, and make it easily searchable.
  2. Describe the company culture and working environment.
  3. Make sure the job description is as unbiased as possible so as to attract a diverse group of candidates. Websites such as www.gender-decoder.katmatfield.com can help you with this. Include all requirements so people are completely aware of what is needed to be considered for the role.
  4. Detail the most important skills needed for the role and which ones are just good to have – break down into the ‘must haves’ and the ‘nice to haves’
  5. Include information about the position, including the working pattern, whether flexible working is available and how long the role is (contract, short-term or potential for a permanent role).
  6. Promote the perks and positivity around the position, such as training that is available for development within the role, working remotely, and events the company may host for example.
  7. Create realistic expectations for the role and working environment.
  8. Review prior job adverts and see which ones generated the most interest and which didn’t perform as well, and tailor new ads to fit the successful template.
  9. Detail a day in the life of the role so applicants are aware of what they will have to do if successful.

Make sure to put your company's touch on the job description, such as your EVP, as this will help people to learn about the kind of company they will be applying for and will be able to decipher whether they are the correct fit for your company. Finding new members of the team is always great, make their experience a positive one!

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