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Top Sectors For Hiring In 2021

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Impact of COVID-19 on Recruitment in 2021Nobody can question that the impact of COVID-19 has...

Impact of COVID-19 on Recruitment in 2021

Nobody can question that the impact of COVID-19 has been significant across all areas of UK business, but how this will affect recruitment in 2021 is still open to debate.

A recent report from CV Library has found the following sectors will see high volumes of hiring throughout 2021:

  • IT: With businesses forced to deliver their services remotely and learning, socialising, exercising, and shopping all switching online, a spotlight on IT and digital solutions has shone brighter than ever.
  • Social Care: The care sector has always been both a popular and rewarding area to work in and never more so than now. With 14% more jobs available overall this year, there's an increased choice for those looking to move within, and into, the industry.
  • Online Learning and Education: As the UK schools closed, online education resources have become a necessity for pupils at every stage of the education process. Indeed, it's likely the transition to online learning will grow throughout 2021.
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical/Scientific: With a Covid vaccine being rolled out, the need for ongoing investment and research, there can be little doubt that this sector will be at the forefront of any 2021 growth.