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The Best Way to Find a Job

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Best Ways to Find a JobStarting off a job hunt can sometimes be the most difficult part of t...

Best Ways to Find a Job

Starting off a job hunt can sometimes be the most difficult part of the search, as the question arises – where do I even begin? With so many job vacancies out there, the process can become overwhelming with too many options to choose from.

Start with your CV

One of the best ways to find a job is to start by ensuring you have an accurately written CV. There are many tools online to advise you on how to write the most eye-catching CV, and you can always check out the Meridian Career Toolkit for support.

Let us do the hard work

Once you have an up-to-date CV, your job search can ultimately begin. If you are unsure of which role or sector you are looking for, using websites like ours at Meridian and utilising recruitment agencies can help you to narrow down your search to a role that will fit your location and the type of role that will best suit your qualifications. At Meridian, we have sector-specific recruiters who offer a bespoke recruitment service and will help to find a role in the sector most suited to you.

Don’t give up

Persevere throughout your job search. When using the likes of Meridian and recruitment agencies, utilise the help they offer. Having a recruiter matching you to a particular role takes away from the endless hours of scrolling through job websites. However, there are other avenues to explore when searching for jobs. Many companies extend their own job search to events such as careers fairs to meet the wider public and make their services more known to people who may not have heard of them. In recent months, the importance of developing a personal brand has become significant across social media platforms. In doing this, you can build online connections and join online networking forums to find jobs in many different sectors.

Be open-minded when looking for a new role, especially if you are unsure of the exact role you are looking for. Use it as a great opportunity to consider the multiple options that are presented. For example, if your skills don’t tick every single box on the job advert, don’t entirely dismiss it, as another skill may be something that is more desirable, based on the needs of the business.

Make use of people and online platforms that can help you with your job search. If you are looking for your next role, check out our website now and see how we can help you.