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Study reveals the music to boost productivity when WFH

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Music and Productivity ResearchWith employees continuing to work from home amid the pandemic...

Music and Productivity Research

With employees continuing to work from home amid the pandemic, it is possible that some will listen to tunes to help them get through the working day.

But is your current playlist or go-to music choice helping you to maximize your productivity while working remotely?

New research from Sodexo Engage revealed the music to help staff feel most productive at work.

In a study of 2,000 respondents, the data found that rock band Queen ranked as the most recommended artist to listen to for maximum productivity, despite the pop genre coming out on top overall.

Out of the top ten artists to listen to for productivity, pop artists including Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Pink, Abba, and Adele made the list.

Eminem (hip hop), Beethoven (classical), and Oasis (Britpop) also featured lower down in the top ten for aiding workplace productivity.

Music Genres & Productivity

Pop (58%), rock (47%), and dance music (42%) were revealed as the top three most popular music genres for increasing productivity when working from home.

Indie music featured further down on the list with 29% listening to this genre, alongside Country (20%) and Jazz (13%).

Elsewhere, the study found that pop music came out on top as the most productive genre per work task.

Whether staff are writing (35%), completing administrative work (31%), or reading (18%), pop music was revealed as the most popular for ultimate productivity.

Emma Yearwood, Director of HR at Sodexo Engage, said that during this time, keeping staff positive, motivated, and productive is key.

“With music being a strong commonality in the workplace across the world, some professionals have missed out on this as we are forced to work from home during lockdown,” she explained.

“Between pop and rock music, it was a close call, but with pop being a style of music that resonates with different professions, the results prove just how popular it is in the workplace.

“Given the variety of music artists that made the top ten recommendations, such as Queen, Ed Sheeran, Abba, Oasis, and Coldplay, it goes to show that getting your working surroundings right is so important in ensuring your employees can work happily and feel positive about the task they’re undertaking,” Yearwood added.

Music and Productivity

Previous research conducted by Scala Radio and Psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman found that listening to music at work can boost productivity levels by 15%.

In a previous interview with The London Economic, Spelman said: "It affects mood, mental performance, and physical performance.

“Many people find that listening to certain types of instrumental music can help them with their productivity levels.

“The music can function as a sort of ‘white noise’, canceling out potentially distracting ambient noise,” the psychologist added.

Source: HR Grapevine