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Five Common CV Mistakes

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With high volumes of applicants for each job role advertised, it is vital to ensure that you...

With high volumes of applicants for each job role advertised, it is vital to ensure that your CV is up to scratch and impresses employers, as mistakes can be costly. We asked Meridian’s team of recruitment consultants what were the most common and frustrating mistakes they have seen candidates make on their CVs and have listed below their top five common CV mistakes.
1. Not tailoring your CV to each job application

Crafting your CV to the job you are applying for is an essential part of job hunting. It shows willingness and effort, which is exactly what potential employers want to see. Untailored CVs are often picked up on and can give the impression that, if you cannot put time and effort into your application, you may not be willing to do so in the role. In a market where first impressions count, this is not the impression you want to give!

This doesn’t mean creating a new CV for every job, but simply replacing any information which isn’t directly relating to the job you want with information which is relevant and shows the relevant skills and experiences for the job in the best light.

2. Leaving off key information

“You would be amazed at how many CVs I receive with no contact information,” Amy Phillips, Recruitment Consultant says. However it’s not just a missing telephone number which could result in your CV being rejected, missing start and finish dates, job titles, and education can all harm your chances of progressing to the next stage of the hiring process.

3. Applying for jobs you are not suitable for

This may seem obvious, but some people feel that the more positions they apply for the better chance they have of finding a job. Although in cases where you have transferrable skills it may be worth it, applying for a job that you have no skills or experience for can be detrimental to your chances of finding work with that company or recruitment agency.

4. Poor formatting

Everyone wants their CV to stand out, but not for the wrong reasons. Unless you are applying for a design-based role, you should focus solely on making your CV clear and legible. As employers will most likely want to print your CV out, black ink on white paper is best, with at least a 10 point font, also ensure your name and contact information is clear and on every page.

Be aware that the recipient of your CV may not be viewing it on the same software as you, and even if they are, different versions may still cause the formatting to disrupt. Saving your CV as a PDF will reduce the chances of this happening.

5. Spelling and grammatical mistakes

78% of Meridian consultants listed spelling and grammatical mistakes as the most annoying mistakes candidates make on CVs. Even with sophisticated spell checkers, it is easy for misspelt words and incorrect grammar to be missed, especially when you have been working long and hard on your CV.

If it is not possible for someone else to proof your application, wait until the following day and carefully re-read your work. Remember, it is better to take a bit of time checking your CV than rushing to be the first to apply.

For more information, help, and advice on how to write your CV, visit our Careers Toolkit or contact your local Meridian branch.