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5 Ways to Stay Motivated on the run up to Christmas

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Staying Motivated During the HolidaysStaying Motivated During the HolidaysAs Christmas quick...

Staying Motivated During the Holidays

Staying Motivated During the Holidays

As Christmas quickly approaches, everyone is trying to juggle parties, events, shopping, travelling, and work, so it is easy to lose focus and momentum in the office.

Avoid multi-tasking

Like Santa, make a list and check it twice. Work on one project at a time and avoid multi-tasking at all costs. With the amount of distractions that come with this time of year, multi-tasking is never a good idea.

In addition, try to avoid working on personal and work-related tasks at the same time. Online shopping while listening on a conference call has the potential to land you on the naughty list.

Ditch the sugar

Easier said than done when your office is full of mince pies and other festive treats. However, the quick boost we get from these snacks results in our blood sugars dropping and unproductive days in the office.

Take a few days off

If you have a few vacation days left at the end of the year, why not take time to do some Christmas shopping or meet up with friends and loved ones? This will give you a chance to refresh and recharge during the busy holiday season as well as break up the days as we count down to Christmas.

Don’t over-commit

It can be difficult to keep focused with all the office parties, client events, and secret Santa exchanges. Make sure you prioritize and balance your holiday activities with your work obligations; you don’t have to go to every department lunch gathering or office party you are invited to. Keeping focused and maintaining a good work-life balance sometimes means saying no!

Get into the holiday spirit

Being positive during the holidays can make a big difference in your performance. It also makes you more fun to be around. No one ever said you can't have fun at work.

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