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Meet our Team

Rob Latimer

Operations Director

Hello, I’m Rob Latimer and I’m the Operations Director for the Built Environment division at Meridian Business Support. 

I’ve been with Meridian so long now I’m not even sure I remember perfectly the defining moment that I decided Meridian was the business for me! Meridian had a great reputation in the Built Environment sector, so I knew I was joining a reputable business. The people I met through the interview process were also key in my decision-making, welcoming yet very honest and direct and clearly experts in their markets. 

If I had to pick one thing that makes Meridian stand out from other agencies it would be how closely we work in partnership with our clients. Throughout the business, there is a clear and consistent message – get your relationships right, and the rest will follow. Many claim to do this, but few deliver like Meridian. 

There is a reason why I’ve been at Meridian for over 13 years. Strong leadership from the top down, a great culture embraced by all and the benefits of being a substantially sized business without all the bureaucracy of a massive corporation. I would describe Meridian as a transparent, supportive and rewarding business to work for.

Come in and see us at work! We must have one of the most approachable SLTs in the business and would be happy to share our vision and strategy for the future with you. 

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