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Meet our Team

Jayne Hambling

Head of Quality and Risk Management

Hi! I’m Jayne, and I am the Head of Quality and Risk Management at Meridian Business Support, which makes my team and me responsible for making sure that what we do as an agency is in line with our legal and best practice responsibilities.  

The best part of being part of the Meridian team is the supportive and open culture that makes sure everyone understands their role and the value of that role in the context of the wider business and a culture that embraces individual working styles in reaching the end goal. The dedication of the team is what makes Meridian stand out from the crowd.  What we do isn’t rocket science but the desire to do it well and do it properly and do it for each other and our clients and candidates sets us apart.  

Working at Meridian is refreshing! Everyone is listened to and, where it is possible, gets a say.   It’s the most open and transparent organisation I have been part of. We have challenges like every business and we work hard but it’s never dull and there is a lot of emphasis on fun and welfare. I would describe Meridian as positive, supportive and ethical.

If I could say something to anyone looking to join Meridian, I would say do it, you won’t regret it.  You will be given an opportunity to thrive and lean into your own strengths to meet your objectives.  Oh, and don’t leave your sense of humour at the door, you’re going to need that!  

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