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Meet our Team

Gary Callow

Operations Director

Hi, I’m Gary and I’m Operations Director at Meridian Business Support.

I am in my 2nd period of employment as part of the SLT within Meridian, this offered me the opportunity to work for Derek Skelton (CEO) and be part of an exciting new chapter, under Derek’s leadership, we have successfully built a trusted and dynamic recruitment business. Also, the opportunity to be part of an exciting opportunity for an MBO, which we achieved within 5 years.   

What makes Meridian stand out from other recruitment agencies? 

Meridian stands out from other recruitment agencies for its live customer-centric approach. We try to understand our clients to a level, so we know them better than they know themselves. We work every day to deliver success for our clients, their success is our success. 

Trust, effort, and honesty backed up by data with a depth of knowledge and innovative solutions – to make a difference. 

My role and responsibilities have a very personal effect on me, building key relationships with my team and clients, we are on a journey together and often reflect together and say thank you. 

We are a team who are caring and hardworking, where we appreciate each other’s efforts with a strong, no-blame culture where we are reflective and ready to go again. Our culture is described as having pride, honesty and adaptability for our team, clients and candidates.

If you want to be your best you, then join Merdian.

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