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What is temping

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Temping or temporary work is based on a non-fixed term basis, but can last for any length of time, from a single day's work to months in duration. Salary is usually paid on a weekly basis and is based on an hourly rate, meaning you don't have to wait a month to get paid. It can be full time or part time hours, giving you control over when and how you work.

Employers recruit temps for a number of reasons. It could be to boost productivity at busy times, to cover staff absence or leave (such as maternity leave), for particular projects, to fill gaps in expertise or to analyse employee performance with the potential of permanent employment afterwards.

As well as offering flexibility, temping is a great way for you to learn new skills, experience new industries and meet new people. 

Anyone can temp in the UK, provided that they have the right to work here. British nationals and nationals from the European Economic Area have the right to work in the UK. For details about working in the UK, including work permits, working holidays and useful contacts, please contact your nearest branch. ​