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The AWR Test

There has been a lot of information published on the Agency Workers Regulations, however, we aim to make sense of the legislation and explain what this means to your business in practice.

Before we can do this, we need to understand your level of knowledge on the Agency Workers Regulations. Answer the questions below to test your AWR knowledge.

  1. What is the aim of the Agency Workers Regulations?
  2. What is the commencement date of the Agency Workers Regulations?
  3. What is the 'qualifying period'?
  4. What are 'day one rights'?
  5. What does pay include and exclude?
  6. What are the alternatives?
  7. What is the Swedish Derogation?
  8. How is pregnancy and maternity considered?
  9. How is holiday considered?
  10. What is the impact of performance managing temps?

To view the answers to the AWR test, click here.

If you can answer these questions, well done! You understand the implications of the Agency Workers Regulations to your business. 

If you are unsure of any of these questions, register your FREE place to attend one of Meridian's Agency Workers Regulations seminars. 

Email AWR@meridianbs.co.uk requesting your place.

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