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Senior Transport Modeller

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Senior Transport Modeller


Department for Transport

Shaping the future of Transport across the UK through modelling, strategy and policy.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is the government body responsible for us all being able to get to wherever we want to be in the safest, quickest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly way possible. The department also now has a crucial part to play in how the UK shapes itself and all of our travel behaviour coming through the other side of the global pandemic.

Pandemics, massive behavioural change, climate emergency, public transport, future mobility, AV / CAV / EVs, active travel, new modelling methods.

All of the above are major topics within the transport industry at the moment, and all of consideration with regards to any economic stimulus that the government will be looking at as we try and kick-start the UK’s economy post Covid-19.

As a transport modeller, you are interested in all of these things. You career so far has focused on one or more of these areas and most likely all of them to some extent, and if there was ever a time to get involved right at the coalface in shaping the policy around all of these areas, it is now.

It would be wrong to suggest this a modelling opportunity like any other. This is working with stakeholders across the public and private sector. Working at senior levels of government, public transport authorities and the private sector. I am not necessarily wanting to discuss this role with technical model developers (although this background would clearly be an advantage). More so I want people who can communicate what these models mean for major investment decisions to those stakeholders. There will be a high level of assurance over models that others have developed as well. The role is as critical as it is interesting, if you are interested in these things, and if you are still reading then you are.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Undertaking bespoke analysis to support the enhancement of modelling methods and wider DfT needs

  • Advising on specific modelling issues both to DfT customers and the external transport modelling profession

  • Commissioning modelling from external consultants, project managing their work and assuring outputs

  • Providing analytical assurance and modelling review, as well as value for money advice for significant investment decisions

  • Working with external stakeholders to develop appropriate analysis for business case development and provide advice to decision makers on quality of submissions

The role require the ability to deliver progress on long term model development activities. The work could include managing contracts with external suppliers, giving technical direction when needed and ensuring solutions are pragmatic, meet requirements and are delivered to timescale.

Please contact Fred Ewing: or 0161 929 3804