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It is the cleaners job to maintain high levels of hygiene within an NHS hospital or private hospital. 

At a senior level you will be responsible for planning a hospital cleaning operation and organising the teams responsible for delivering this service. It will be your responsibility to ensure that high standards are met, while assistants carry out the day-to-day work. 

When working as a cleaning assistant on a ward you will have a lot of contact with service users and their visitors. In any of these roles you will probably be required to work some weekends.  

Core skills include:

  • Undertake general cleaning of all non-clinical areas of the hospital, including offices, floors, corridors, stairwells and toilets
  • Ensure adequate stock levels of cleaning materials are for maintaining and monitoring equipment, tools and stock provided for the job holders use e.g mops, buckets, floor cleaning machine, cleaning fluids etc.
  • Inform the Hospital Manager of stock required for replenishment purposes
  • Undertake routine tasks such as hosing down forecourt & dealing with recycling in the absence of the Hospital Maintenance person
  • Undertake any other duties as requested

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