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If you are looking for the ideal Fabricator role to suit your skills and requirements, Meridian Business Support offers a wide selection across the UK.

As a Fabricator you will be responsible for joining metal pieces together to create a product or to use as components for other products. Fabricators typically work in a factory setting and utilise technical drawings, blueprints or other specifications to construct metal products as well as aligning, fitting, welding, measuring, laying out and inspecting parts, making cutting lines, studying specifications, gathering materials and operating machinery. 

While some employers will offer on­the­job training, many prefer completion of a certificate or qualification in metal fabrication. The ideal candidate for a role in fabrication is able to work well under pressure and possess the ability to troubleshoot when required.

Essential skills include:

  • Good understanding of technical plans
  • Relevant machinery experience
  • Knowledge of site working practices
  • Ability to work within tight deadlines

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