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The HSE’s primary concern is to ensure those working in conditions with airborne contaminants have suitable Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and that those facepieces have been correctly face fit tested to the individual. 

The legislation states: 

“Where respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is used as a control measure under Health and Safety Legislation, it is vital that the selected RPE is adequate and suitable”. 

Meridian Construction has specially trained Consultants that can perform the Qualitative Face Fit Mask Test in accordance with the HSE OC 282/28, on any Meridian candidates requiring it, as well as providing the industry standard Sundstrom half masks at a discounted rate. 

We perform the Face Fit Mask Test either at one of our 9 regional offices, in the client's office or actually on site. As an additional service, wherever possible, we can perform the Face Fit Test on the company's own employees requiring it. 

Candidates receive a pass certificate that will match their mask and serial number and last its lifetime, as long as there are no serious changes or deformities of the face. 

For more information email; FaceFitTesting@meridianbs.co.uk

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