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How we do things

Our Approach

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, finding the right talent for your business can be a challenging task. That's where Meridian's recruitment solutions come in. These comprehensive services offer a range of tools and strategies to help businesses streamline their hiring process, attract top talent and build high-performing teams. 

From ad hoc supply to full onsite delivery, Meridian's recruitment solutions offer a truly consultative approach to whatever your hiring strategy is. 

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Permanent, Temporary and Contract

Supporting your business with your permanent, temporary and contract recruitment. 

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Managed Services

Our innovative managed service solutions offer our clients a long-term partnership approach.

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Consultancy and Projects

We also deliver packages of work utilising our own staff on a day work rate.

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Our Mission
Our Mission and Values

What we are about

Meridian's mission is to be a sustainably profitable, sales-led business in our chosen markets, providing "best in class" service for our valued customers. We will always aspire to be the recruitment partner of choice, making a difference to recruitment.

In addition to our core values below, our team have adopted an additional value; Enjoy: Love what you do. That is because our people love what they do and bring their best selves to work everyday, recognising that the greatest success comes from being engaged and getting the most out of their career. Success at Meridian is not about achieving results, it's about having a job you love and having fun along the way, too. 

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Excellence - Whatever it takes

Our people are committed and passionate about what they do and want to inspire colleagues and clients alike. They want to be the best that they can, continuously pushing themselves outside their comfort zone, striving to achieve excellence and working with a strong sense of purpose. 

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Integrity - Own it

Our people stand up and take ownership of the things they are responsible for, operating in an environment where they are encouraged to seek out new opportunities and are given the autonomy to make things happen. 

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Innovation - Push the boundaries

Our people believe in themselves and believe that it can be done, making even the impossible happen. They think ‘yes’ rather than ‘no’ and see opportunities where others see obstacles, challenging themselves and questioning everything they do, setting the bar high to drive the business forward. 

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Partnership - One Meridian

Our people are proud to be part of One Meridian knowing that they are a part of something bigger and that our strength comes from working in partnership, breaking down barriers and working across departmental, geographical and cultural boundaries to achieve greater results than can be achieved from working alone. 

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It's in our name

Why work with us

At Meridian, we truly value Business Support - it's in our name, after all. 

We pride ourselves on being a service-led organisation and offer tailor-made specialist recruitment solutions. Our professional service ensures that we retain and grow our client and candidate base, resulting in high levels of repeat business. Whether you are looking for your next role or helping to fill the needs of your business, our dedicated team of recruitment specialists are here to support you.

Each year, we are privileged to be invited by our clients to move into new sectors of their operations, such as Payroll, HR Learning & Development and Auditing. If you have a problem, Meridian is your solution. 

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Legally compliant, morally focused

Some of our Certifications

Association of Labour Providers

Specialist trade association promoting responsible recruitment for labour providers with a particular interest in regulated sector business (GLAA) such as food production. Access to regional meetings, training, advice and model documents. Our CEO Derek Skelton sits on the Managing Council of this association.

Gangmaster and Labour Abuse Authority

An annual, mandatory licence is required to supply in a regulated sector, which is audited when required as a result of information in the public domain/complaints/reports from labour users/workers.

ISO9001:2015 accreditation

An annually audited Quality accreditation, which drives continuous improvement against set standards from order taking to invoicing relating to client and candidate interactions.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) member

Members must pass a compliance test to retain membership every other year. Commitment to standards laid down in relation to service and best practice and based on the Employment Agencies Act and Conduct Regulations. Additionally, our employees are encouraged to take the REC exam to gain the CertRP qualification and become individual REC Professional Members.

Sedex Member

Supply Chain assurance - demonstrates our commitment to standards such as those required by Eti and GLAA - agree to audit with published results.

The Employment Agents Movement (TEAM) Member

Independent recruiter network. Regional networking opportunities and the ability to work with other TEAM members to fulfil client’s business – sharing fees while retaining relationships.

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Upload a Vacancy

Our proven approach to finding exceptional candidates for your business.

We're matchmakers

We excell in connecting clients and candidates

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Find a role

Whether you’re looking for more flexibility or a step up the career ladder, we’ve got you covered. 

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Work with us

From one-off placements to high-volume managed services, Meridian's team are here for you and your company. 

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