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Meridian Industrial provides recruitment solutions that meet our clients’ needs and we can provide a flexible approach to a Master Vendor Solution or Neutral Vendor supply. 

Both of these supply models offer different levels of flexibility for individual sites so that the site is able to utilise the services of multiple agencies in order to meet the demands of the operational activities day-to-day. To discuss how Meridian Business Support's master vendor or neutral vendor solution can help your business cut costs call 
0161 929 3832 today to speak to a specialist.  


This is a subcontracting arrangement where Meridian Industrial acts as a ‘Master Vendor’ (single point of contact), for all of your staffing requirements. 

Meridian Industrial aims to fill a major percentage of the bookings but we have a number of contracts with 3rd party agencies in order to ensure the remaining staffing requirements are met. Agencies recommended by the client will be considered as 3rd party suppliers. 

Managing Compliance 

Meridian accepts responsibility and liability for ensuring the eligibility to work in the UK of all temporary workers supplied to all clients, irrelevant if recruited by Meridian or a 3rd party supply. 

Neutral Vendor 

Neutral Vendor is a management arrangement where Meridian Industrial acts as a ‘Vendor Neutral’ supplier, providing a number of supplier management services to the client, with the client contracting directly with the agencies providing the labour. 

Managing the processes 

  • As a Vendor Neutral supplier Meridian ensures that all agency staff are legally compliant and have a right to work in the UK.
  • Should any supplier fail an audit, the failure details are recorded and the client is informed. In such cases Meridian will reduce the supplier’s margin until the next scheduled audit (the cost saving would be passed to the client).
  • Whilst we assess all supplier processes and procedures during the contract implementation and through regular audits, the client will contract directly with the agencies providing the labour. Therefore we will not have the opportunity to check that all agency staff supplied between audits are legally compliant and have a right to work in the UK.

Client Satisfaction 

For both supply models, we have a comprehensive service review process to ensure that our clients can easily assess and comment on the service provided. 

Review meetings between the client and either Meridian or the contracted agencies are conducted regularly and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) continuously monitor the service delivery and provide accurate management information.

For further information on Master Vendor Solutions or Neutral Vendor arrangements, please contact your nearest branch or Meridian's specialist Julie Ashworth on julie.ashworth@meridianbs.co.uk or call 07717 662342.

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