Regulatory Compliance Engineer

  • £25 to £26 Per: hour
  • Yeovil, South West,
  • Temporary
An opportunity has arisen for our client for a Regulatory Compliance Engineer in order to provide evidence based assurance that the business is compliant to procedures, and that the procedures are effective and they reflect industry best practice.

The successful candidate will perform a number of the following activities based on their knowledge and experience.

  1. System Definition
  • Perform impact analysis of change to business procedures and regulatory requirements
  • Determine best practice based on other industries and the aerospace sector
  • Lead the generation / publication of new procedures and improvements to procedures (Core Instructions and Departmental Instructions) using structured techniques to satisfy the business and regulatory requirements, engaging with subject matter experts / users
  • Generate and deliver communication briefs to improve understanding of the intent to improve compliance to process
  1. Key Process Training
  • Generate initial and refresher training modules / questionnaires for our high usage procedures
  • Deliver training and assess attendees understanding using the questionnaires
  • Provide feedback to the attendees
  • Maintain training modules / questionnaires
  1. Compliance Reviews (First Line of Defence)
  • Generate a Check Sheet for each high usage procedure to measure compliance
  • Assess compliance against the Check Sheet in the aircraft production, maintenance and manufacturing facilities
  • Re-enforce and provide guidance on their correct application
  • Capture opportunities to optimise our procedures from subject matter experts / users
  • Produce measures of our compliance
  1. BowTie / Risk Analysis
  • Develop and maintain our BowTies to identify hazards, top events, threats, consequences, and barriers with the support of subject matter experts in the business
  • Assess and score the effectiveness of our Bowtie Barriers and identify potential weaknesses in the barriers that allowed escapes, eg. LASORS, local investigations, occurrence reports, audit failings, local intelligence, customer feedback, ….
  • Ensure alignment of inputs / outputs with interfacing functions, eg. Procurement, Engineering, Configuration Management, Flight Operations, … and capture risks presented by the input functions and determine our ability to capture their escapes
  • Generate data to provide assurance that our aviation risks are as low as reasonably practical, or that mitigation actions are in place and improvement actions are effective
  • Generate and deliver training briefs relating to aviation safety and our BowTie Barriers to ensure behaviours aligns to a culture of aviation safety
  1. Competency Assessment
  • Assess the competency of Code 1, 2, 3 5 and 11 Inspectors on a two yearly cycle to satisfy the requirements of ISO.12.3 (Note: This in a new requirements under RA RA4945)
  • Produce measures of our compliance and track the status of agreed actions
  1. Aircraft Documentation Compliance
  • Act as a focal point for clarifying all MF700, WA1500, WA1500(Mil) issues
  • Perform audits of the MF700, WA1500, WA1500(Mil) collecting evidence through physical examination, interview of personnel, analysis of documentation and data
  • Coordinate feedback from the Aircraft Documentation team snag sheets
  • Investigating MF700, WA1500, WA1500(Mil) QOR/MAR issues and provide a customer response
  • Determine the root cause and drive the implementation of robust containment and corrective plan
  • Develop and deliver feedback sessions in small groups and support the development and delivery of formal training with CS&T
  • Produce measures of our compliance and track the status of agreed actions
  1. Audits
  • Perform the role of audit guide for internal / external audits
  • Perform departmental procedure review audits
  • Determine the root cause and drive the implementation of robust containment and corrective plan
  • Produce measures of our compliance and track the status of agreed actions
  1. Focal Point
  • Provide advice and guidance on applying the Company Operating System and resolving conflicting requirements within the COS
Training / Education
  • Educated to HNC level and/or possess experience in relevant discipline
  • Extensive knowledge of MF700, WA1500, WA1500(Mil) documentation set
  • Experience in the principals of raising, specifying, and carrying out independent inspections
  • Experience in the principals of specifying ground and flight test requirements
  • A detailed understanding of aviation regulatory requirements the Company Operating System (COS)
  • Good SAP, FAST, MES, CIETP GoldESP knowledge
Grace Green Onsite Consultant 07387 102488

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