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Case Study - MandM Direct

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MandM Direct had made a business decision to move from a 5 to a 7 day working week in order keep their competitive advantage in an ever growing online retail fast paced market. MandM Direct had used Meridian for Christmas temporary staff in 2017, and came to us to see if we could assist them with this huge strategic piece of work.

In order to move to 7 days a week, MandM Direct required an additional 65 staff initially on a permanent basis within a 6-8 week period to work in their warehouse in the following areas: Goods In, Goods Out, Returns, Bulk Replenishment. The roles included Team Leaders, Supervisors, FLTs, Warehouse Operatives, Facilities Operatives and Stock Controllers.

Meridian faced a number of challenges with this recruitment project:

  • Location: MandM direct are situated in a very rural location with limited public transport and due to the surrounding road network didn’t even support cyclists resulting in candidates needing their own transport

  • Hours: the new shift presented included 2 in 3 weekends as well as some 7 day working weeks

  • Pay: this was lower than many other employers in the area for the skills/ personal profiles that MandM Direct required

  • Previous reputation for temporary workers: MandM Direct are a well known employer in the area mainly for temporary staff over Christmas. Temporary staff had been laid off with no notice so candidates were wary.

Meridian recruited three new members of staff within the space of a week taking total number of staff recruiting for the project to five. The new starters had two weeks to fill an interview day with 60 slots for Warehouse Operatives and Forklift Drivers. To ensure that all the team were following the same process, we developed job profiles, scripts, adverts and interview schedule templates for each role.

We mapped out all geographical locations that would be close enough for candidates to get with their own transport and advertised all roles within these areas on all online job boards including CV Library, Reed, Jobsite, Monster, Total Jobs, Meridian, Zoek, Gumtree, Indeed,, Job Centre, Facebook, Instagram and Euro Jobs. In addition, we ran sponsored advertising campaigns on Indeed as well as Facebook which are targeted to your audience.

However we knew we were working in a tight market with some major challenges, so Meridian had to go out to the market to source these people directly through CV searching on all major job boards including Indeed Search, For Sale and Jobs Pages on Facebook, flyering in the town centre, our own database, a recruitment banner positioned outside MandM Direct Disbribution Centre Business Park and referral schemes. This activity resulted in 54% of total candidates placed.

All the activity of the team was recorded daily per role in terms of advert response, CV searches, our own database, calls made, candidates contacted, candidates unable to get hold of, interviews booked/ those not interested (with reasons), interviews attended, offers made, offers accepted/ declined (with reasons), start dates.

All Warehouse Operatives, Facilities Operatives and FLT candidates were presented to MandM Direct in the form of a CV with a profile questionnaire which Meridian completed upon the pre-screen including some key questions such as whether they had any criminal convictions or in fact had worked at MandM Direct previously. If they had worked there previously, Meridian would seek agreement with MandM Direct that they would re-employ prior to submitting.

Prior to interview all candidates were asked to provide right to work documents and complete our online registration. They were all sent an interview confirmation letter which had all been standardised for the team to use and sent the job description, along with some interview hints and tips.

We agreed with MandM Direct that an interview day would take place once per week for Warehouse Operatives, Facilities Operatives and FLT roles. MandM Direct gave Meridian the time slots available and in general we had a maximum of 60 slots to fill weekly. MandM Direct organised 5 members of staff to interview on the day, with 2 members of the Meridian team onsite at MandM Direct supporting the day gaining interview feedback the same day from the candidates. MandM Direct would then notify Meridian the following day with regards to offers making the process quick and efficient so we did not lose any candidates.

Individual interviews were held for Team Leaders, Supervisors and Stock Controllers whereby Meridian would send the candidate CV along with a profile based on our pre-screen and then Meridian would conduct a pre-interview with the candidate prior to their interview with MandM Direct.

Meridian contacted all candidates to offer them the position, gain their acceptance and set a start date for them. MandM Direct would then take responsibility for sending out their offer letters and contracts to them directly.

Review meetings took place with MandM Direct every 2 weeks both at their Head Office and their distribution centre where the new headcount was being implemented. We shared critical management information with MandM Direct at these meetings and forward planning for new intakes. In particular we discussed reasons why candidates had rejected the roles.

Any challenging roles were discussed, the reasons for this and an agreement would be made as how we tackle these. For example, both FLT and Team Leader roles were proving very difficult to fill based on salary and working hours. The requirement criteria was flexed to meet these demands of the market in order for us to recruit to the right candidates at the salary on offer who could then be trained to meet the criteria for the roles. Following this change these roles were filled within a few weeks.


Candidates identified - 5475

Candidates contacted - 924

Submitted to MandM Direct - 317

Interviews booked - 287

Interviews attended - 180

Offers made - 122

Candidates started - 84

  • 35 people resigned from another job to take the position with MandM Direct.

  • 54% candidates came from direct sourcing

  • Recruited 19 staff in addition to original requirements responding to MandM Direct resignations during the process

After Care Surgery

Meridian agreed with MandM Direct that the real testament to success would be in keeping these staff and in order to ensure this, we needed to sit down with the new recruits after 4-8 weeks dependent on when they started to identify their perception of the job, environment, company, facilities, hours/ shifts and if they would change anything. This proved very interesting with the following comments:

  • 75% said they were happy working at MandM

  • 100% said that the communication between them and their Team Leader was fair and clear

  • 75% said they could see themselves being with MandM Direct for some time