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Using The STAR Technique In Interviews

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Interviewer: Give me an example of when you provide exceptional customer service

Candidate: (Situation) In my last role as customer service adviser with XYZ bank, (Task) I received a call from Mrs Jones who was very angry with the service she received at her local branch. She was evidently  upset as she was raising her voice whilst discussing her reasons for complaint. 

(Action) I listened to her complaint thoroughly with no interruption and took notes as she was highlighting particular areas of concern. I empathised with her throughout the conversation and apologised for any inconvenience caused. I highlighted that XYZ bank pride themselves on good customer service and suggested that this was an isolated incident and a rare situation that shouldn’t have happened. (Result) By repeating to her the areas of complaint she wished to highlight, I displayed that I understood her query and listened to her throughout. I explained that the issue would be addressed immediately to ensure that she felt like a valued customer. At the end of the conversation she was more relaxed and thanked me for my help. I immediately escalated the call to ensure that the complaint was dealt with.