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The STAR Technique

When answering a competency-based question, an interviewer is looking for a beginning, a middle and an end in the answer. It should tell a story without giving too much information and without saying too little. It should not prompt the interviewer to explore more questions within the question. A technique commonly used that would help you feel confident that you are providing the right kind of information is the STAR technique. 

Using the STAR Technique

The STAR Technique allows you to structure a scenario-based question into four sub-headings, ensuring you tell a story with every answer. These are: 

  • Situation: Brief explanation of the situation
  • Task: What were you tasked to do?
  • Action: What action did you take to ensure that this was achieved?
  • Result: What was the result?

Click here for examples of how you can use the STAR Technique to answer interview questions.

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