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Job hunting can be just as much work as a regular job; try starting in the morning and searching into the afternoon. Whether you’re using that time to work on your CV, look for jobs or doing something constructive to put on your CV, keeping momentum is an important part of finding a job. It’s hard work applying and dealing with rejection or worse hearing nothing back at all, but it’s important to keep a positive mental attitude. Job hunting is a numbers game and the more roles you apply for, the more likely you are to find a job, whether you’re going through a recruitment agency or not.

Stay pro-active and keep yourself in a routine of getting up early; that way when you do find a job, getting up at 7 won’t be such a shock to the system! It also means you have a longer day to enjoy and more time to be productive.

Be bold and enterprising, whilst you may not be completely suitable for a position you’ve found, that employer is obviously searching for somebody to join their team. If you feel that you have some of the skills and that all you’re maybe lacking is experience, don’t be afraid to contact them anyway. Explain how you found the vacancy online and despite not being the ideal candidate, you would love to come in for a placement and gain some experience. The worse they will say is no and at best you could gain some valuable industry experience, plus if they really like you and you impress them, at the very least you will be considered the next time a similar position becomes open.

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