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Hereford Education

Contact: Adele Carter
Tel: 01432 262 260
Fax: 01432 344753 

Hereford Education is the only education agency in the county of Herefordshire. We pride ourselves on offering our schools and teachers a transparent, honest and bespoke service, which we have been commended for many times over the last academic year. We take the time to understand schools' specialist requirements and operate in a way where we always have a duty of care to both the welfare of our schools and pupils. Safeguarding against threats is of paramount importance to us. We not only deal with mainstream primary and secondary schools we also assist with vacancies at pupil referral units, independant and private schools, international schools as well as special educational needs establishments.

We are happy to work with teachers and teaching assistants who have a variety of qualifications and specialist subject areas and welcome the chance to discuss how we are able to assist with their career development.  

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