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5 months ago by Tom Bagnara

Diary of a New Starter: Tom Bagnara

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I’m Tom and I have recently started as Labour Co-Ordinator for the North West, Yorkshire and the Midlands, and I’m based on the Mechanical and Engineering team at our Manchester Head Office. A large part of my job is to fill vacancies for clients that need plumbers, electricians, and pipe fitters onsite. I also keep my team informed of who is becoming available and who is currently onsite.

Prior to working at Meridian, I went straight from school to playing football full time for Altrincham until I had a knee injury that led me to getting an actual job. From there, I worked as a sales executive before deciding to travel around Europe. I spent two months back home in Avellino, Italy where most of my family are from and after that I travelled around lots of different places including Santorini and Iceland.

Shortly after starting at Meridian, I took part in several induction sessions with Head of Learning & Development, Jamie Abbot, where we were also joined by our CEO, Derek Skelton. I have learnt a lot from the sessions with Jamie, and the most important point I have taken away is how much Meridian look after you and they will always be willing to put you through more training if you ever wanted to.

The attraction to recruitment came from a financial perspective - money is a key thing for me. If you put hard work in and maintain good relationships, you can make a good career, and earn quite a lot of money! Plus, working for a large company like Meridian can help me to spread my name across the industry. However, my main reason for wanting to work at Meridian was to learn about recruitment, build good relationships with people in the office and to just enjoy being back in work again.

To see how Tom can help you with your next position, contact him at or call 0161 929 3860