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over 1 year ago by Connor Barrowcliffe

Apprenticeship Week - Build the Future

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This week (8th-14th February) marks the 14th National Apprenticeship week. The theme for this year's week is 'build the future', with the aim for the campaign to encourage employers to celebrate the diversity of opportunity and value that apprenticeships bring, and how they can help individuals and employers build their future.

The earliest sign of an apprenticeship first recorded in 1563 by the Statue of Artificers (also referred to as the Statue of Apprentices) which set out the law relating to all trades and crafts, including apprenticeships. In the 2018/19 period, there were 742,400 people participating in an apprenticeship in England, with 383,400 apprenticeship starts and 185,100 apprenticeship achievements. Over 4.2 million apprenticeships were started between 2010/11 and 2018/19, with 2.2 million apprenticeship achievements.

Worryingly since the start of COVID-19, apprenticeship starts have halved. Meridian has always supported apprenticeships and currently have three working in different departments across the business.

Connor Barrowcliffe is currently working in our Marketing Department whilst he completes his Junior Content Producer apprenticeship which he is doing through Juice Academy.

I'm really enjoying my apprenticeship so far. I did start a college course but quickly realised it wasn't for me as I like the more hands on experience that an apprenticeship provides. So far (3 months in) it has proved an asset to my learning and knowledge. I have settled in well and realised that getting an apprenticeship was the best choice I could’ve taken and I love it.

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