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Video interviews | Pitfalls candidates should avoid

News Pitfalls Avoid Video Interview

There are many pitfalls jobseekers can face when attending a job interview, from not doing their homework to turning up half an hour late – recruiters have had to deal with them all.

While these errors can easily happen in person, so too can a number of other pitfalls when candidates carry out an interview via video. Often considered far more intimidating than the regular face-to-face process, as a study by CV-Library in 2018 of 1,200 UK employees found 33.7% were most scared of video interviews, much more preparation is certainly needed.

As such, Recruitment Grapevine has compiled a list of helpful suggestions for recruiters to advise candidates:

Dress to impress

Candidates will almost always don their smartest outfits when attending an interview, and one that takes place via video should be no different. Candidates thinking they can throw on a smart shirt and tie paired with boxer shorts because they think no one will see is a risky move, in case the camera moves or they forget and stand up – leaving everyone feeling rather embarrassed. To avoid such a scene, ensure you advise them to dress appropriately to make the right impression.

Stop interruptions

Candidates do not want to appear distracted, so telling them to try and prevent all interruptions is a good idea. If they have children or pets, suggest they ask a friend or family member to look after them for the duration of the interview. Similarly, closing all background computer programmes will also limit any interruptions, while turning off a mobile phone will also stop candidates feeling the need to check notifications.

Location, location, location

It’s important for job hopefuls to pick a location that’s quiet and looks professional. If they opt to carry out the interview in a messy bedroom with a pile of unfolded laundry, this will likely reflect badly on them. Instead, suggest they set up on a kitchen dining table so they can sit upright using a sturdy surface, ideally in front of a blank wall to avoid any distractions for the hiring manager.

Internet connection

Imagine taking part in a video interview and the internet connection keeps breaking, leaving a blurry image and delayed responses – it’s perhaps one of the most frustrating things for all parties. Candidates should test out their connection beforehand and host a dummy run so they can smooth out any potential glitches before the video interview takes place. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Acting too casual

Lastly, due to the nature of a video interview, candidates can often fall into the trap of acting too casual. This can greatly damage the interview process and result in a no hire for the interviewee – it’s therefore imperative that they take the interview seriously and act as they would during a face-to-face one. They should go in prepared having researched the company, keep their phones off and turn up on time.

Source: Executive Grapevine