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Tips & tricks | 5 Ways Jobseekers Can Stand Out This Winter

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​During the winter months, employees can become quite lethargic and may start to count down the days till they can switch off over the Christmas break. The same can be said for those seeking new employment, however, the festive period is in fact a great time to tackle a job search.

In fact, according to Sharon Patterson, Chief Human Resources Officer for LHH, the talent development and career transition division of recruitment firm, The Adecco Group, revealed this to be true.

She said: “My advice around the holiday season is to keep the search active,” reported Fast Company. She pointed out that many businesses have budgets for 2021, and therefore want to find new recruits to join their forces in the first few months of the year.

However, this year of course isn’t a normal year. Those seeking employment have many new factors to consider, including the coronavirus pandemic, a recession and fierce competition between other jobseekers, making the job search even more challenging.

Therefore, it’s worth considering how best to stand out this winter when looking for a new role. To help, Executive Grapevine has listed five key ways, as reported by Fast Company, below:

Keep up habits

Some tried and tested methods should still be remembered in this winter’s job search. For example, remember to research a company, check out who the interviewer will be, study the job description carefully and be prepared to talk about yourself fully. However, career coach ErinBlythe Sanders advised that jobseekers should remember to follow up after an interview to ensure they stand out in the crowd.

Get savvy with virtual

Currently, face-to-face interviews have been halted, meaning many interviewers and employers are struggling to get a real feel for who a candidate really is. To manage this, they are turning to social media profiles to understand who someone is, as well as looking for previous work online. It’s therefore time to tidy up any profiles and consider creating an online portfolio to showcase any work.

Showcase skills

One thing employers want to assess is the skills a candidate may have, with particular onus on transferable ones. This allows potential employers to gauge how fast a new recruit can settle in and adapt in a new role. It’s therefore worth highlighting each of these on a CV and in online work, to ensure hiring managers are aware straight away.

Understanding ATS

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) were designed to assist hiring managers in their search for new talent, however, they can prevent a CV from reaching their hands altogether if relevant words are missing from an application for example. It’s crucial to ensure a CV mirrors the words or phrases used in a job ad, as well as expressing the transferable skills you have to beat an ATS.

Prepare for videos

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, due to a lack of face-to-face interaction, video interviews are now the norm for securing a job. To nail this, it’s worth doing a quick assessment of tech beforehand to ensure everything is working as it should and finding a quiet spot indoors with good lighting. This is your one chance to make a good first impression, so remember to prepare.

​Source: Executive Grapevine