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almost 2 years ago by Sam Jones

​The end of the internship


And so, my time as an intern with Meridian comes to a close. Ten weeks gone in what seems just a blink of an eye! It truly has flown by, and enough credit cannot go to the Change 100 staff who made this all possible, and my now-friends and co-workers who have helped me out along the way. Meridian have been a pleasure to work full-time for, and I’m happy to be carrying on my journey with them into the new year.

The last two weeks have been as busy as ever, and it’s been nice to have chats with people about my time here, what I’ve enjoyed most, any memories or stand-out moments etc. My colleagues in HR of Sarah and Richard have been amazing to work alongside, and they have taught me skills and techniques which I will carry on using for the rest of my life – thank you so much you two, I will never forget this internship. But like I said, Meridian have asked to keep me on part-time for the next 10 months or so whilst I continue my studies, so it definitely is not a farewell from Meridian. It will just be strange going from daily conversations and full weeks, to doing what I can where I can. Despite the initial shock to the system, it will be incredible to be allowed to carry on working alongside these amazing and inspirational people, and I am forever grateful you guys chose to take me on during such a crazy and unstable year.

I will also continue doing my bit for the Change 100 team where I can, giving back what I can to those who gave so much for me, and many different people in similar shoes to mine not long ago. I cannot promote the people and the work they do enough, it is genuinely life-changing and an incredible experience, and anyone who fits the criteria should absolutely give it your best shot.

When I reflect on this year, I am truly happy with what I have achieved. If someone told me twelve months ago that I’d be wrapping up 10 weeks of full-time employment, with an incredible company with amazing co-workers, after having completed an application process which included interviews and assessment days, and would be moving into a new house to complete my university studies for my final year, I would never have believed them. But twelve months can change everything. But it’s more than that; one decision can change everything. Push yourself to do more. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and do things you would never see yourself doing. There is truly no limit to what you can achieve if you put your mind to it! NEVER say NEVER. It is daunting, terrifying, nerve-wracking, and yet, it is thrilling, amazing, and life-changing. If you push yourself to go further, there is no limit to what you can achieve. And I am only just starting my journey. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way.

Here’s to everyone who is on their journey too!