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over 1 year ago by Sam Jones

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​Second Month in!

It has been a while since I’ve done a blog – this is not because I’ve been slacking or my enjoyment for Meridian has diminished, in fact quite the contrary, it’s been a super busy couple of weeks and the HR team and I have always found something else cropping up which needs out attention. One of the many reasons I’m continuing to enjoy my work here, as there is always something to be doing and I’m never stuck at my desk bored.

This week I’m busy with a couple of Learning and Development meetings, to help train people up to Meridian life, and introduce starters both to each other, and to Meridian culture and work life. The head of the department, Jamie, keeps in contact with me throughout the week and is always quick to reply to emails and make sure I’m okay and enjoying my time here.

Similarly, I am staying working closely with marketing and Helen in particular, who is very nice and again stays in touch. Sarah from my HR team recognised I enjoyed the creative side and have an eye for detail, which are traits common in the marketing teams, and therefore from my first day, helped me connect with Helen. From that point, Helen and I have had various tasks together, and I continue to have ongoing projects, such as helping with the website. These tasks help keep my workload fresh, and make sure that should there be a quiet day in HR, I have tasks that ensure I can still be being productive for Meridian.

I also got involved with helping the HR and Finance teams through my first payroll week. This was a unique and exciting challenge, and due to the ongoing support of Richard and Sarah, it was made easy and never daunting for me. Throughout July, Sarah and I had the ongoing task of making sure people were okay during the difficult times involving furlough, hours worked in and amongst Covid-19, and generally staying in touch with our team. This culminated at the end of the month, and because of our continued effort to keep on top of things as and when it was needed, our work paid off as things went as smoothly as possible.

Also, with Sarah going away on holiday, I’m trusted with more responsibility and tasks, with the safety net of having support should I need it. This reflects how much faith and trust Sarah and Richard have in me already, to be able to help the team out and handle things, and not just being the ‘spare part’ as the intern. I cannot continue to stress how welcome and part of the team I feel here.

Although I am still settling in, I continue to meet more people and learn new skills, and my knowledge and comfort within Meridian is ever-expanding, and I still feel very much welcome and a growing part of the team.