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about 2 years ago by Richard Ewing

Message from Richard Ewing

Richard Ewing Mm 2016

In my 20 years at Meridian I have never seen the company operate so reassuringly well given the extraordinary circumstances that we are trading in at present. We have been fortunate to see some of our markets experience greater demands which has helped to support the divisions which have been hit hard.

The sharp decline of the Built Environment business was concerning at the end of April. We were pleased to support on several Nightingale projects which kept many temps in work briefly but by the beginning of May we had fallen to below 40% of pre-crisis temp levels. Almost all branches were forced to reduce their headcount  with a number of  their colleagues being furloughed for most of the second quarter.

I won’t pretend we are anything like back to where we were but with 50% growth in temp business from May to June, our Transportation and Infrastructure team finding new perm markets both home and abroad and with many colleagues now returning to work (if only part time to begin with) it does begin to feel like some momentum is building.

With the exceptional hard work of all the teams and the sacrifices of those that were/are furloughed we still plan to emerge from this having made no job cuts. That would be the mark of a very successful year.

Our main priority remains to protect our own staff but If you have been unfortunate enough to have been made redundant during this crisis please do get in touch as we are open to hiring new talent that can help us continue to grow.

Richard Ewing | Managing Director: Built Environment, Health and Permanent Recruitment