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almost 2 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Job searching tips during COVID-19

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​Has COVID-19 turned your job search upside down? You’re certainly not alone according to an article by Standout CV.

These unprecedented times have affected employers and professionals across the nation. In fact, many businesses have had to adapt to operating remotely; and some have had to close altogether.  

As a result of this, some employers have temporarily slowed down their hiring efforts; while others have had to learn to conduct their recruitment strategy digitally, to abide by social distancing rules.  

But just because COVID-19 presents some challenges to your job search, you shouldn’t give up. 

To help you through these uncertain times, here are six top tips for job searching during the coronavirus outbreak.

Attend virtual events  

Just because it’s no longer possible to attend events in person, it doesn’t mean they aren’t taking place. Several providers have now taken their careers fairs online to provide a virtual experience for job hunters.  

For example, Talent Fest 2020 and STEM Women, both have virtual events coming up that enable job hunters to access career advice and opportunities, as well as watch talks from employers and industry leaders.

So, log on to careers sites within your industry and book onto as many fairs, courses and live chats as you can!

Consider a different industry (for now)  

If you are unable to find any inspiring roles in your industry, why not consider choosing a different sector for the time being?

Supermarkets, warehouses, farms and care homes are just a few of the types of organisations that are desperate for workers right now.  

This doesn’t need to be a permanent career path. Merely a temporary solution which enables you to keep earning money, fill the gap on your CV and show you were willing to take on a new role during the fight against COVID-19. 

As well as showing future employers that you’ve got an incredible work ethic, these roles can also equip you with a stronger set of transferable skills to shout about on your CV, cover letter and during interviews. 

Continue to boost your CV  

As a result of the ongoing lockdown, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself with more time on your hands than ever before. So why not use this wisely to continue boosting your CV? 

Consider taking an online course, learning a new skill set or even starting up a new hobby. The good news is, there are plenty of free or budget-friendly resources out there that you can use. 

For example, apps like Duolingo are ideal for learning a new language, while online courses are in abundance across a multitude of sectors. In addition, there are thousands of YouTube tutorials are available at the tip of your fingers.

Work on a side hustle  

Similarly, with more downtime on your hands, now could be the perfect opportunity to start a side hustle or do some freelance work. This will provide you with both an income and more experience for your future CV; it’s a win-win. 

Some examples of lucrative freelance jobs you can do from your laptop include copywriting, accounting, web design, administration work and online teaching (depending on your skillset, of course). 

Expand and engage your network  

It pays to continue growing your network, because you never know when someone might reach out to you with an exciting opportunity.  

While you might not be able to attend events and meet people in person, you can continue to engage with and expand your network online.  

So, use LinkedIn and industry forums to post articles, share ideas and comment on content from others in your industry. You can also engage with your favourite brands and companies through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Keep applying during COVID-19 

It can feel disheartening when you haven’t got many roles to choose from, especially if the competition is tough. But it’s important that you continue applying and keep up the momentum.  

This will not only increase your chances of landing a job, but also means you’ll be on the radar of employers once this is all over and many begin ramping up their hiring efforts once again.

Are you prepared for a different type of job search?  

Ultimately, your job search is going to be a little bit different right now. But, there are several ways you can continue to boost your employability and search for your dream role.  

Keep in mind that everyone has been affected by COVID-19 and the subsequent regulations. So, it may take longer than usual for employers to get back to you; and you may have to take part in phone or video interviews.  

Using our six tips above, you can bolster your CV and continue your job search despite this ongoing uncertainty. 

Source: CV Library, StandOut CV