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about 2 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Random Acts of Kindness

Mental Health Week

Inspired by #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek we encouraged our staff to complete a random act of kindness with the most inspiring one receiving a £100 to donate to a charity of their choice. 

Our winner was Rob Latimer from Manchester M&E, who not only did something kind for someone, he made sure this gesture was passed onto others too! 

“Whilst fishing at the weekend (adhering to social distancing of course) a young lad realised he’d forgotten an essential bit of tackle. It’s only worth a couple of quid but he couldn’t fish without it. He shouted over to see if he could borrow mine – as it happens, I was just leaving anyway so left mine with him. He offered to give me £10 for it as it was the only money he had – I told him not to be daft but to make sure that he passed on the gesture to someone if he ever got the chance to.

I went to the same pond the next day to go fishing and lo and behold the lad was on there again. He came over for a chat and I assumed he was going to return the tackle, but he explained that he’d already been able to pass on the good deed – another lad on the pond was now using my bit of tackle as he’d brought his own with him this time. The smallest of gestures has already made 2 young lads days and let them enjoy themselves – I have dreams of my baiting needle (the bit of tackle) being handed down from person to person, each time letting someone fish when they would have to have given up and gone home. Made my weekend.”

Rob decided to donate £100 to Mental Health Charity Mind