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over 2 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Tips for tackling stress

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Dr Marcia Goddard, Neuroscientist, is an expert on stress management and here are her tips to help you manage your stress and anxiety right now.

Accept that anxiety is normal. Give yourself room to be anxious. It’s important to accept that it’s OK to be worried and scared. Don’t focus on trying to get rid of the anxiety, focus more on managing it in the best way possible.

Regain a sense of control. Structure your day. It’s important to structure your day but don't be too rigid. So, if you have a structure and it doesn't work, feel free to change it. One of the biggest issues right now is our lack of control, so it’s really important to focus on what we can control, putting some structure in place. Help others. It’s another good way to regain a sense of control. At the moment, it’s hard to feel like we’re capable of influencing the world around us but by helping others, you’ll give yourself a little boost.

Take regular breaks. It's especially important when you're working from home to take regular breaks. Try to get some fresh air. If it's not possible to get outside, open the window, take a break and sit down and do nothing.

Make time to play. The act of playing a game is stress relief in itself. It helps you to leave reality behind for a few minutes and to just step into a different reality. Take time to play a card game or Monopoly. Focusing on beating an opponent will help relieve stress.

​Relax at the weekend. Don't force yourself to be too busy at the weekends, it's OK to relax. Your working week is already full up and working from home makes it difficult to draw the line between work and home. If you force yourself to fill up your weekends, then you run the risk of becoming burned out.

Don’t binge the news. Usually when people are scared they look for as much information as they can find on a topic. The issue with COVID-19 is that the people in power don’t have all the answers. Try and limit yourself to reading the news just once or twice a day.

Speak about your feelings. In most cases your imagined reality is far worse than your objective reality. Talking about how you feel is not only therapeutic, but the chances are, it will help you realise that others are feeling the same. 

Accept you’ll be less productive. People are juggling home-life, work-life and home-schooling and you just can’t do everything. The sooner you give yourself a break and realise you’re doing your best, the less stressed you’ll feel. 

Take the time to reset. Use this time to your advantage. There are likely plenty of people who were close to burn out before this pandemic. Those who had a hectic social life, a packed gym routine and long working hours. It's the perfect time to establish a new routine that's a bit calmer. 

Source: HR Grapevine