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about 2 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Covid-19 | Which Occupations Are Seeing the Biggest Drop in Employer Hiring?

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In our piece on Using Labour Market Data During a Time of Crisis, we showed using our Job Posting Analytics the sharp drop in employer hiring during the month of March, due to the Covid-19 crisis, and wondered whether this might be a blip or the beginning of a longer-term trend. In view of what has happened since that piece, it probably comes as no surprise that this drop in recruiting activities has indeed continued, with 179,000 fewer postings today than on March 7th — a drop of more than 10% — as the updated chart below shows:


But this raises a number of questions: Which occupations are being most affected? Are there big regional variations? Is there a straight correlation between recorded incidents of Covid-19 and the change in job postings? We’ll be looking at these sorts of things over the coming days, but let’s start with that first question of occupational change. The following chart shows change in job postings over the same period, broken down into the nine 1-digit Standard Occupation Classifications (SOC):
 There are a number of really interesting things to note from these figures:

  • In terms of sheer numbers, the biggest decline in postings has been for Professional occupations, with 50,000 less postings than on 7th March, whereas the smallest drop in numbers was for Process, plant and machine operatives with a drop of 4,700 postings.
  • In terms of proportionate decline, the biggest drop has been in Skilled trades occupations, which has fallen by almost 15%, whilst the smallest decline has been in Caring, leisure and other service occupations, which have declined by 8.6%.

The situation is of course changing very rapidly, so watch out for more updates in the days to come.

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