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about 2 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

A Day Without - Update

Pledge Collage
A huge well done to everyone who took part in #ADayWithout last Thursday 12th March! The idea behind #ADayWithout is that many people with a disability have to go without things every day so it was a great opportunity to help raise awareness and hopefully raise some money for a good cause too. Here's what those who took part had to say about their 'Day Without'! 

Paula Thompson, Exeter 
My aim for the day was to raise awareness for Leonard Cheshire Charity and the challenges faced every day by people with disabilities in the work place. I chose #ADayWithout using my left arm so spent the day with my arm in a sling! Apart from being a little slower than normal with my daily tasks I was still able to do my job. I donated £5 to take part and posted photos and a video on LinkedIn which attracted over 1440 views!

Carly Riley, Liverpool
I pledged to go #ADayWithout my car and pledged to walk the hour to work and the hour home. This didn’t seem such a challenge at first but as it got closer I did start to panic about having to do the walk. This made me think, I was panicking because I couldn’t drive for a day but some people with disabilities can’t drive at all! Some have mobility issues and struggle to even go the local shop. I realised that I take this luxury for granted and wondered what other day-to-day activities I am lucky to be able to do without support. This was a great exercise to open your eyes to the difficulties people with disabilities face day-to-day. I will be mindful of the simple things I can do that others can't. Thank you to Leonard Cheshire for asking us to be involved and coming up with this concept. I fully recommend this to everyone to raise awareness and would suggest more go without days to really understand this message.  

Danielle Bark, Grimsby 
Our whole branch pledged to go a whole working day without food! It wasn;t as bad as we thought although by 5pm we were ravenous! I managed until 5.01pm and then had my packed lunch at my desk! Leonard Cheshire is a great Charity and it was a pleasure to take part! 

Abigail Smith
For someone who talks all day this was one of the hardest challenges ever. After trying to last the whole day in the end I actually just couldn’t do it. I last 2 hours in total. It made me realise how hard it actually is for people with disabilities that cannot actually speak. Great cause so will definitely try again to do it for the whole day.